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About Us

The SLS Security group is made up of the following companies.  You can make one call and get all your security worries sorted.  Easy really isn't it!

About Us

SelectaDNA is one of the worlds most advanced synthetic DNA based crime prevention initiatives in the world.  It links property to it's legitimate owner, and offenders to crime scenes.

Criminals fear it.  they know that if you steal, you're marked!

SelectaDNA is present in both New Zealand and Australia through the SLS Security Group.

The SelectaDNA Story

Originating in the UK, SelectaDNA first emerged in 2004 from established property marking company
SelectaMARK plc.  Since then, SelectaDNA has helped homeowners, businesses and schools protect their
property, marking millions of valuable items in the process.

New Zealand directors David Morrissey and Graham Zuill are well known in the security industry with David
verse and chapter about all things loss prevention as owner of SLS Safe and Lock Services.  Graham's background
covers all angles of security.  From time spent in the New Zealand Police / CIB, to Private Investigation and even
National and Regional Loss Prevention roles for two of New Zealand’s largest nationwide retailers, Woolworths
and The Warehouse.

After visiting the UK and Holland  back in 2008, Morrissey and Zuill both agreed that SelectaDNA would provide
a holistic crime prevention strategy  for deterring burglary and robbery in New Zealand.  It was identified that
home and business owners needed to fight back against the criminal fraternity and that SelectaDNA would help
target harden residential and commercial property.

SelectaDNA was quickly embraced  by Police and support was gained to the concept of forensically marking
property.   The SelectaDNA product was a good fit to the Police’s aims  to target harden properties, deterring
the act of theft and reducing crime rates across the Country.

Police now carry UV torches as standard issue kit meaning they can scan items and people for SelectaDNA as
well as checking for counterfeit items such as Passports, Currency and Drivers Licenses.

New Zealand was the third Country to adopt SelectaDNA, it is now being  used in 37 countries across the globe.
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About Us

Focus Digital Security Solutions provides a high quality option for companies looking into cctv, Building Management Systems and Access Control.

Like all companies in the SLS Security Group, Focus aims to provide the best solution for your situation, ensuring that you get the product that you want and need.


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About Us

SLS Retail Theft Control specialises in EAS, Small Product Alarms, Computer Security and Physical Restrains for all types of product.

They recognise that no two situations are the same and places great emphasis on the need to customise each application.

As the motto says - let us share in your problem to find a solution.

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About Us

SLS prides themselves on keeping pace with technology developers and for developing innovative solutions for client security needs.

They specialise in Safes, Vaults, Cash Handling Systems, Restricted Key Systems, Security Locks and Physical Barriers.