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2015 BNZ Safer Schools

2015 BNZ Safer Schools

Classroom equipment belonging to  2536 schools have been marked with SelectaDNA to keep better track of valuable items and deter crime. Laptops, iPads, computers, projectors, musical instruments, printers and teaching equipment have been all marked with the traceable forensic marking liquid.
SelectaDNA is an invisible DNA solution that can be painted onto any valuable property allowing it to be traceable back to an individual school.
The liquid contains a unique DNA code linked to the school’s address.
In the event that any equipment is stolen and later found by police, it can be traced directly back to the crime scene, not only allowing the property to be returned to the school, but increasing the chance of the thief being convicted.

2015 BNZ Safer Schools

As part of the BNZ Safer Schools Programme, Newmarket School is one of over 2,500 schools in NZ that uses SelectaDNA forensic property marking to protect their valuable equipment from theft.

A computer was stolen from Newmarket School in August 2012 and was recovered along with over 450 items as part of a police swoop on offenders who were allegedly dealing drugs in axchange for stolen goods including jewellery, laptops and mobile phones.

Officers involved were able to ascertain the true owner of the computer because of the orange warning sticker used to indicate that the item had been marked with SelectaDNA.

NZ Police officers located the DNAusing their UV torches and had the computer analysed so that the unique code could be verified.They then linked this code back to Newmarket School via the details held on the SelectaDNA database.

Now on the second phase, the program is aiming to reinforce the message and also to mark all new equipment
that was changed over the years.

The 2015 BNZ Safer School Programme was launched in Hamilton on 11th March, followed by Tauranga on 25th March,Whangarei in 27th May, Henderson 17th June, Auckland City 19th August, Highbrook 16th September and  –the Country will be covered in 2 Years.
The events have great success and are very well attended by representatives of the schools across the districts,BNZ and SelectaDNa representatives,
NZ Police, Ministry of Education and Crime Stoppers.
In every district the schools that attended the event received a free SelectaDNAkit containing a bottle of SelectaDNA property marking solution, tamper resistant warning labels, window stickers,a UV key ring light and warning signs.

Theresa Bosch, Deputy Principal from Baradene College is keen to emphasize the use of SelectaDNA On the 19th of August at the Auckland City event Theresa said :“A couple of years ago we used SelectaDNA to mark our shared laptops in our Year 7 and 8 area. Unfortunately the area was broken into during a holiday and some computers were stolen. A while later they were returned to us by the Police because they had managed to trace the DNA back to us. We have moved to a 1:1 program where students bring a specified device to school. Due to the devices belonging to the girls we send a letter home asking parents if they would like the devices marked. All machines are subsequently marked and to date we have not had any devices with Selecta DNA markings go missing.

2015 BNZ Safer Schools

There are more than 850 students with devices and as the program rolls out to the whole school we will continue to mark all the devices if the parents agree to it”

The success of the programme is due to the revolutionary technology behind SelectaDNA and the support of  BNZ, NZ Police, Ministry of Education, Crime Stoppers, making a difference to our schools and Communities.

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