Would you like SelectaDNA with that?

3 Nov 2009

Rotterdam McDonalds Staff are pleased to have SelectaDNA installed in their store.

First clue - look for the blue

11 Sep 2009

The DNA-coded security spray is invisible under normal light, but exposure to ultraviolet light quickly reveals the guilty party. Police will no longer have trouble identifying a bank robber - he'll be the one in blue.

SelectaDNA launches in New Zealand

2 Sep 2009

A new marking device that invisibly codes property could see burglars caught blue-handed.

Schools throughout UK embrace SelectaDNA

18 Aug 2009

The Inverness Crime Prevention Panel (ICPP) is working in partnership with the Northern Constabulary and has launched SelectaDNA at Crown Primary School with the aim of protecting expensive school equipment such as laptops, PC’s and whiteboards from theft

Mayoral Chains Protected Against Burglary

14 Apr 2009

THE Mayor of Castle Point in Essex made sure his chains of office were secure today by having them forensically marked to show the importance of protecting valuable items.

Zero Residential Burglary Reported in East Dulwich

18 Feb 2009

BURGLARY has been one of the key drivers of crime levels in East Dulwich in the London borough of Southwark. But following a new scheme launched in October 2008 using SelectaDNA forensic property marking kits, there were ZERO residential burglaries rep