Operation Snap

12 Dec 2013

Operation SNAP (Serial Number Action Partnership) is an initiative of the New Zealand Police, aiming to prevent burglary and property offending. SNAP's aim is to make it harder for criminals to sell stolen goods. It helps protect property in a number of

Businesses receive accolades from Police Commissioner

5 Dec 2013

Partners in the BNZ Safer Schools Programme, SelectaDNA and Bank of New Zealand have each been awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for their contributions towards this successful crime prevention initiative.

Businesses give bad behaviour the push

24 Oct 2013

Manurewa township is fast becoming the crime prevention ‘Golden Triangle’ with another major chain using forensic technology to combat anti-social behaviour. Local businesses are employing a layering of security solutions to reduce crime in their immed

Residents can now fight back

8 Oct 2013

Source: New Zealand Herald; Pictured: Evan Lockington, co-ordinator at Viscount Community House, Mangere, says Operation Safe as Houses has made a difference.

Cops dish out markers in fight against crime

8 Oct 2013

Source: New Zealand Herald; Pictured: Counties Manukau West Area Commander Jason Hewett said the programme would help people in a community that had been hit hard by theft over the past few years

Techno Tagging to Deter Thieves

27 Sep 2013

About 100 schools across Nelson Tasman are set to receive an anti-theft property-marking kit, thanks to a Safer Schools collaboration between BNZ, Crime Stoppers, Police, and SelectaDNA - a global forensic coding company.

BNZ Safer Schools Programme

4 Sep 2013

The BNZ Safer Schools Programme started at the end of 2009, after Police in Rotorua heard of the success gained in a pilot of a forensic marking product called SelectaDNA.

Lights shine at Hamilton Central

23 Aug 2013

Every offender at Hamilton Central Police Station will be put under the spot light. Hamilton Central will be the first station in New Zealand to install large UV lighting equipment. It’s a move that follows in the footsteps of UK Police forces that hav

DNA Kits for Schools

20 Aug 2013

Source: Southland Times DNA has long been a staple of science textbooks but will now be used to protect valuable equipment in Southland schools.

Z expands its ability to keep its customers and people safe

7 Aug 2013

Z is trialling an invisible liquid “DNA” that they hope will deter would-be robbers, making sites even safer for service station staff and customers.

Operation SelectaDNA: Randwick Park

6 Aug 2013

We launched SelectaDNA on the first of September 2009. It’s a reminder of how time slips by so quickly when you are consumed with such a fast paced, varied environment such as working here at SelectaDNA.

Bright light on safety message

22 Jul 2013

Today the Puriri Neighbourhood Policing Team's Safe as Houses project will be launched at St Mark's Church on Puriri St, and the children's art exhibition will be open to the public.

Students have hand in crime fight

20 Jul 2013

The Safe As Houses project is designed to beat burglaries and Whanganui UCOL students on the certificate in art and design course have hit the mark with their stencilled hand.

Operation SNAP building a future

19 Jul 2013

Team Puriri is making gains working with the community on local solutions to crime and social problems in the neighbourhood, says a police spokesman. Sergeant Kevin Smith says the Puriri Neighbourhood Policing Team is doing so while building the suburb

The art of making kids more aware of safety

15 Jul 2013

ART THAT GLOWS: Castlecliff School students, from left, Carrie Rennie, Tyrone Apiata-Tyson and Ella-Cruz Smedley try out the fluorescent paint for the Safe as Houses project, with the Puriri Policing Team Mark Stroud and Vaughan Patching.

Shop puts light on theft

12 Jul 2013

MARKED: Constables Sumita Rhodes (left) and Mark Stroud, with Cash Converters manager Damian Hall. PHOTO/STUART MUNRO Shining a UV light on goods that come across the counters of Wanganui second-hand businesses or into scrap metal dealer yards is anoth

Burglary victims to be given ID packs

11 Jul 2013

Source: Eastern Courier

Passion put into project

11 Jul 2013

SNAPPED UP: Whanganui School of Design Masters student Sean Johnson holds his sticker design which he collaborated on with Constable Vaughan Patching of the Puriri Neighbourhood Policing Team. PICTURE / STUART MUNRO

Police collaborate with UCOL students on crime prevention initiative

3 Jul 2013

Whanganui Police have teamed up with students from the Universal College of Learning (UCOL) to create a sticker and stencil aimed at spreading crime prevention messages to the community.

Burglar-proof DNA kits given to South Island schools

6 Jun 2013

Burglar-proof DNA kits have been donated to every school in the South Island today in a bid to protect school property from thieves. BNZ has teamed-up with police, Crimestoppers and SelectaDNA to donate the high-tech $150 kits as part of a nation-wide

New steps give minor offences a hammering

18 Apr 2013

A secruity device sending out high pitched signals finely tuned to annoy young ears is being used to fight crime on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula.

Winning the war on crime: A step ahead of criminals

9 Apr 2013

Swift analysis can help police try to stop crimes and even catch offenders in the act. Jared Savage investigates.

Maccas use DNA Spray to stop robbers

10 Jan 2013

McDonald's is rolling out a state-of-the art security system across Australia that douses fleeing robbers with an invisible, synthetic DNA spray in attempt to stop criminals seeing their fast food restaurants as a soft target. The move comes as police