DNA to protect at the pumps

21 Dec 2012

After having their business burnt to the ground in an arson attack in 2011, Whakamaru G.A.S petrol station owner Alex Sutherland is taking all the precautions to make sure that his premises are properly secured from any further incident.

DNA makes mark on crime

21 Nov 2012

A system which uses "synthetic DNA" to tag personal property has been distributed to 600 homes in a Hamilton suburb to combat burglaries.

Counties Manukau Police tackle burglary face-to-face

16 Oct 2012

Counties Manukau Police, Maori Wardens, Pacific Wardens, the community and victims of crime aim to tackle burglary together and get results.

DNA anti-theft tool gets Housing NZ trial in Bay

4 Oct 2012

Forensic property-marking technology is being trialled in Hawke's Bay by Housing New Zealand.

DNA tagging used to fight theft

20 Sep 2012

DNA technology should dramatically cut the number of thefts from schools after being rolled out in Kapiti by Police Minister Anne Tolley. SelectaDNA, an invisible liquid with a unique sequence of DNA including 60 chromosomes in every bottle, can be app

World First: DNA Dog Sniffs Out Stolen Metal

5 Sep 2012

The first Detection Dog in the world to be trained to sniff out forensic markings on stolen metal is set to help police officers crack down on metal theft in the UK.

Smart solution may thwart burglars

29 Jun 2012

Clever technology is being introduced to schools all over Auckland to reduce burglary on school grounds.

New device in fight against burglaries

12 Apr 2012

Police hope a new kit that marks property with a unique DNA liquid will deter burglars in McLaren Park.

Magic marker aims to curb school burglaries

30 Mar 2012

A banker, a businessman and a policeman walk into a room full of school principals and pitch a novel idea to stop school burglaries.

Schools Fight Back

23 Feb 2012

Petty criminals targeting schools will need to think again about stealing property with the introduction of new DNA forensic labelling. Rodney and Hibiscus Coast schools studying methods to identify stolen equipment with the help of synthetic DNA techn

DNA Spray to foil thieves

8 Jan 2012

McDonald's restaurants are fighting back against thieves by blasting suspected robbers with an invisible DNA spray as they attempt to flee. The spray, which remains on the suspect's skin for two weeks and on clothes for up to six months, has been introduc