Safe As Houses

6 Aug 2014

Safe as Houses (SAH) is a community based crime prevention and deterrence programme that derived from the UK. It looks to bring communities together in association with voluntary organisations and corporate supporters to promote a proactive approach withi

What happens to unclaimed goods?

23 Jul 2014

Ever wondered what happens to items with incorrect addresses at New Zealand Post, or those unclaimed wallets at the Police Stations? Well Fair Go looked into it...

New Zealand Police Community Days

1 May 2014

As a part of Operation SNAP, often we are invited to be a part of the Community Days run by the New Zealand Police and other community organisations. If there is one in your neighbourhood, we may very well be there - please come and say hello!

BNZ Hoax Bomber can’t escape science

26 Mar 2014

This morning in the Manukau District Court, Clive Macintosh Mackay was sentenced to six years and three months in jail after staging an elaborate bomb-hoax in a South Auckland bank.