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Businesses give bad behaviour the push

Businesses give bad behaviour the push

McDonald’s Manurewa and Clendon restaurants have become the latest premises in the business area to install the SelectaDNA Spray System, joining neighbouring Z Energy and the Bank of New Zealand.

SelectaDNA Spray aims to deter would be thieves from entering a premise.  Primarily designed to stop burglary and robbery, a recent trial of the system in six Australian McDonald’s restaurants saw instances of anti-social behaviour drop by over 90%.
SelectaDNA Director, David Morrissey, says that instances that did occur happened outside the restaurants.

“The system has provided users benefits over and above what was initially intended. We feel that providing a safe and enjoyable environment for staff and customers at an everyday level is just as important as aiming to prevent a rare occurrence of robbery or burglary,” said Morrissey.

The advanced system is installed over the exit points to the restaurant and highly visible warning signage is placed on the exterior of the restaurant to alert would-be-offenders of its presence. 

“Once the system has been activated, the spray unit will douse a fleeing offender with an invisible but unique DNA solution,” says Morrissey.

Morrissey explains that the solution is a water based, non-toxic spray that incorporates a UV Tracer.  Each batch of the solution has a unique synthetic DNA that is registered to a location.  It lasts on an offender’s skin for up to two weeks and on clothes for up to six months.

Police have taken a very active role in reducing incidents within the Manurewa township. Business owners are pleased to see more uniformed officers patrolling the streets conversing with retailers, pushing the Prevention First ethos and encouraging the community to work with Police to create positive change.

Counties Manukau Police Central Area Commander Inspector Julia Lynch says "we're dedicated to making residents and visitors in Counties Manukau feel safer in their community.  It's great to see that forensic based technology is becoming more widely used amongst our major retailers and we're happy that these businesses are doing what they can to reduce crime."

Police also encourage members of the public to use the Crimestoppers service if they wish to anonymously report any information about crime, such as knowing someone in possession of stolen goods or bragging about being involved in something illegal. 

"Unfortunately there is a market for trading in stolen goods, this is a community problem.  If we as a community reduce the market for trading in stolen goods we will reduce crime and make our communities safer", said Lynch.

Police are equipped with UVA lights, that when shone over the SelectaDNA causes it to glow bright blue making it very easy for identification. They are able to analyse the DNA within the solution to irrefutably link an offender to a crime scene.


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