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Discreet systems win at World Cup

Discreet systems win at World Cup

ANZ, the official bank of the 2011 Rugby World Cup, took pride of place on Auckland’s Queens Wharf as the city proudly welcomed locals and international visitors to the country’s largest fan zone. 

ANZ World, an inflatable dome that is used at various events across the globe, housed an interactive experience designed by Whanganui company Inc Creative with electronic rugby games and iPads for use within the structure.

With thousands of visitors predicted to go through the dome during the 6 week tournament, security was an important factor when designing the attraction.

Discreet systems win at World Cup

Amy Bulgin from Orange Group, an Auckland based Event Management Company working on behalf of ANZ, said the company was looking for a security solution that was discreet. “We didn’t want it in their face; we wanted people to feel as though it was their own iPad.”

The brief given was based largely on portability. Visitors needed to be able to pick up the iPad and be able to walk anywhere within the Dome so they could sit down, check emails, browse the web or even check game scores. 

An EAS system was the obvious choice, and antenna were quickly installed at both entry and exit points.

Each of the 30 iPads were tagged with an RF Hard Tag that was connected to the ANZ branded case that each iPad was sealed into.

Staff were trained on the system to enable them to act quickly if the system should sound. 

“Staff members would need to go and investigate if the system alarmed”, Clint Morris from the SLS Security Group said.  “The beeping is only an indication that an iPad is close to the door, the staff need to be alert so that they can potentially stop it from being stolen.”

Bulgin said “Visitors would often joke that they would just put one in their bag. We would remind them they all have security on them and they couldn’t.

“We suggested SelectaDNA as well” said Morris. “Following along the lines of providing a discreet solution, SelectaDNA was another obvious choice.”

This forensic property marking product allowed each iPad to be marked with an invisible solution that glows blue under UV light. Within the solution is a unique DNA that has been registered to ANZ World. In the event that an iPad was to go missing, this DNA would link that stolen iPad back to ANZ World showing that they were the true owners.

Each iPad was marked with the product and orange warning stickers were placed on the face to alert users.

“They wanted signage stating that there was security in the Dome. The highly visible orange warning signs from SelectaDNA stood out against the predominately blue interior of the dome and also on the iPads.”

More than 60,000 people used the iPads during the tournament.

Orange Group predicted that one third (10) iPads would be lost over the duration of the tournament. Remarkably, only one was taken from the dome, on the final day when over 9000 visitors went through. 

Haley Armstrong of Inc Creative said “obviously it’s been a really big deterrent. Who knows how many people would have walked out the door with one if we didn’t have it.”

The stolen unit has been locked and Police have been notified.

When asked would they use these systems again, Bulgin said “Definitely. The service by the team was fantastic and the results speak for themselves. We would definitely use these products again.”

Discreet systems win at World Cup

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