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DNA to protect at the pumps

After having their business burnt to the ground in an arson attack in 2011, Whakamaru G.A.S petrol station owner Alex Sutherland is taking all the precautions to make sure that his premises are properly secured from any further incident.

Having rebuilt the property, Sutherland is gearing up for what should be a busy Christmas period. The new shop and workshop has been fitted out with various layers of security, including a SelectaDNA Spray system that is designed to prevent theft and robbery.

The system uses a synthetic DNA as a deterrent mechanism. The discrete system is installed within the building and once activated releases a DNA laced spray that douses a robber as they exit the premises.

The DNA within the system is unique to that site and can provide Police with evidence that links an offender to a crime scene.

Highly visible warning stickers are placed around the building to alert would be thieves that SelectaDNA is being used, deterring them from entering the premise in the first place.

“We are heavy into our security” says Sutherland, “this covers us 100%, now I feel like we have a total system.”

After the recent incident at the Swanson G.A.S Petrol Station in West Auckland, Sutherland feels that he’s done the right thing putting in the system.

Swanson owner Zahid Chandry was faced with an armed robber demanding money earlier this month. He fought with the intruder, taking blows to the face before eventually pushing him out of the shop and off the forecourt.

“If he had the system he could have covered him in it”, said Sutherland, “those incidents are the kinds of things where this system will come into its own.”

Sutherland doesn’t think that he’ll have any further issues in Whakamaru. He says he can look forward to a long hot busy summer.

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