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I promise I'm not on the payroll - Brown

I promise I'm not on the payroll - Brown

Auckland Mayor Len Brown encouraged all businesses to use the kits after proven results in previous schemes.


“I promise I’m not on the Payroll” said Mayor Brown to the attendees at the launch that will see all 1300 businesses in the North Harbour BID receive the Tool Kit that provides a number of practical tips and precautions to target harden the business district.

His enthusiasm for SelectaDNA was evident as he gave a”mayoral endorsement” for the product and for this crime prevention initiative. 

Worldwide, this is the first commercial project of its kind using SelectaDNA.  Previous projects have seen residential areas target hardened using the Domestic Property Marking Kits.  In New Zealand, 1000 Randwick Park homes in Manurewa received the kits and saw a 61.8% drop in burglary over a 6 month period.

David Wright, North Harbour Business Associations Crime Prevention Specialist said “we want to send a clear message to criminals that they are entering a zone where business owners and occupiers have taken proactive steps to prevent or minimize criminal activity.”

Each business will be using the distinctive “You Steal, You’re Marked” Signage indicating to would be thieves that SelectaDNA is in use. 

Waitemata District Commander Superintendant Bill Searle said that the North Shore has the lowest burglary rates in the country.  He looks to lower these rates even further and see’s initiatives like this as a positive step towards this goal.

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