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Lights shine at Hamilton Central

Lights shine at Hamilton Central

Situated beside the metal detector, every offender who is processed through the Station Watch House (irrespective of offence) will be subject to the new light which has been installed to scan for forensic marking product SelectaDNA.

SelectaDNA is invisible to the naked eye and can be applied to both items of value and people in the act of committing a crime. Under UV light the DNA product glows bright blue and can link a criminal to a crime scene.

The product has recently been used extensively in Hamilton during the Police led ‘Safe as Houses’ project.  The project saw 600 homes in the area of Fairfield receive a free SelectaDNA kit as a part of a Crime Prevention Pack designed to make the area safer for residents. 

The Watch House lights are the final piece of the “Safe as Houses” project to be deployed. They compliment the hand held UV capable torches every frontline office is issued, and sit alongside posters and messaging designed alert criminals that Police are watching.

Prevention Manager for Hamilton Central, Acting Inspector Kent Holdsworth says that every officer will be trained on the new process and that already the lights are causing a lot of intrigue.

“Offenders are already talking about the new lights.  They know that if something is there, we’ll find it.” 

SelectaDNA Director Graham Zuill is pleased that the lights have been given the go ahead by Police. 

“It completes the circle for us.  We know that the criminal fraternity talk about SelectaDNA and are suspicious of it.  They know that DNA is irrefutable and now these lights can aid Police in their investigations“ says Zuill.

The lights will also be installed into Counties Manukau Police Station.

The bonus for Police is that the lights don’t only scan for SelectaDNA.  It will also show up other substances such as OC Spray. 

Holdworth says it’s all about conveying a simple message to offenders – don’t commit the crime because you will get caught.

Lights shine at Hamilton Central

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