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Operation Snap

Operation Snap

The SNAP website ( allows you to ender and maintain details of all your important possessions or assets.  You can then acces ths asset list from anywhere, anytime.  If you items are stolen, you can instantly retrieve your asset list details and forward these to the Police and your insurance company.

A range of SNAP Partners are in place, to support the SNAP initiative and ensure its ongoing success. Various other community and corporate support organisations are also involved with Operation SNAP to offer supplementary services, such as us - SelectaDNA - with our forensic property marking.  Also available is advice on crime prevention, burglary prevention and general crime awareness information.

Operation SNAP is supported by: SelectaDNA, BNZ, Gallagher, TradeMe, Datacom, Ministry of Education, Cash Converters, ASB, Hamilton City Council and Crimestoppers.

Beat burglary - Stop the trade in stolen property. 

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