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Operation SNAP building a future

Mr Smith said the policing team had been operating for 18 months on Puriri St, and theirs was a different approach, working with the community and understanding how the community worked.

Mr Smith made the comments at St Mark's Church on the Puriri/Kowhai St corner, where one of the project's key initiatives was taking shape.

Fellow team members Constables Sumita Rhodes and Vaughan Patching were helping members of Te Puna Maori Fellowship, St Mark's Church and the Community Patrol Neighbourhood Support group make up kits that will be distributed to 425 houses next week.

The Operation Snap (Serial Number Action Project) kits are designed to beat burglary and stop the trade in stolen property.

Pastor Eugene Katene of Te Puna is on a 10-member "safety panel" that meets every two months to discuss the area and the initiatives to make it safe and vibrant. "We are supporting the community by supporting the police."

Mr Katene said that since they had started working alongside the police, there had been a decline in graffiti and damage in the suburb.

Operation Snap will be officially launched at St Marks on Monday and will include a fluorescent art exhibition of works by children of the primary schools in the Puriri policing area. It will be open to the public. The fluorescent paint used by the art students highlights the SelectaDNA, a unique synthetic code that is applied to valuable property. It is a water-based non-toxic glue-like solution that contains the synthetic DNZ, UV tracer and a small coded microdot. Once dry, it is virtually invisible, but a it will glow bright blue under a UV light.


Source: Wanganui Chronicle

Operation SNAP building a future

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