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Safe As Houses

Safe As Houses

The programme has been deployed successfully here in New Zealand. Viscount, Mangere was the first area to use the SAH programme, closely followed by Fairfield in Hamilton. 

The aim is to create an environment where residents can feel safe and be safe. SAH provides value to communities by encouraging them to come together, interact and become more engaged with each other.

The programme is devised to achieve sustainable change. It focuses on deterring criminals from committing property crime by using methods of intervention.

SAH provides residences, schools and businesses in a prescribed area with advice, physical security measures (ranging from smoke detectors to SelectaDNA Forensic Property Marking Kits) and tips to help communities help themselves (establishing Neighbourhood Support Groups, promote the use of reporting through Crimestoppers.)

Each SAH programme is different dependent on the agencies involved. There is no prescribed limit to the range of the intervention offered and is ultimately dependent on those leading the project. SAH projects to date have used SelectaDNA Forensic Property Marking Kits as the major feature of their offering.

An integral part of both the SelectaDNA and SAH Strategies is to create awareness within the community. As a part of the SelectaDNA Property Marking Kits, warning stickers are provided that are placed on the doors and windows of each residence alerting that the technology is being utilised.

Signage is erected on street poles at the entries to the designated SAH Area to indicate to would be thieves that the area has been protected.

Strong newspaper and/or TV coverage is desirable and the use of social media by all participating agencies is strongly advised.

It needs to be remembered that whilst the intervention is being given to local residents, it is the criminal fraternity that we wish to educate and deter from entering the area.

The method of delivery of the intervention kits, instruction and advice brings communities together by engaging neighbour with neighbour, and the community with local agencies. With the involvement of Police, Maori/Pacific Wardens and other community volunteers during the intensive period of deployment, strong ties are formed creating an ongoing sense of trust and respect between parties.

Interested in running your own SAH project? Begin discussions with local Police and other agencies to ascertain their support and involvement. Programme implementation is usually coordinated by local Police with a range of pre-formatted resources, information for residents and a media communications pack.

SelectaDNA kits do require a certain level of investment so a source of funding may be required. These can be acquired as project pricing from SelectaDNA.

Companies and organisations can be involved by educating staff on anti-burglary techniques or by hosting a community event (such as a barbecue or street party) to launch the programme. It is also possible to effect co-branding with the programme in your area.




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