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Shop puts light on theft

Shop puts light on theft

Yesterday, Cash Converters staff received a torch and crime prevention training from Constables Sumita Rhodes and Mark Stroud of the Puriri Neighbourhood Policing Team (PNPT).

The UV torches identify items that have been marked with SelectaDNA (a forensic marking company) solution, which glows bright blue under UV light and marks the property with a unique synthetic liquid profile.

PNPT Constable Vaughan Patching said preventing crime was a whole-of-community effort. "The purpose of the training is to provide our second-hand dealers with a new tool to further assist them in preventing the trade in stolen property."

Businesses will also receive crime prevention posters to inform the public that they check for SelectaDNA marking.

"Our work with local businesses is part of our wider crime prevention strategy aimed at making the community a safer place to live and reducing opportunities for offenders."

Later this month, at a Safe as Houses launch in partnership with SelectaDNA, over 400 homes in the Puriri St area will receive domestic Crime Prevention Kits which will include the marking solution.

SelectaDNA works by marking property with a liquid that contains a unique identifier which, once dry, is invisible and stays on valuables indefinitely. Every bottle is registered in the SelectaDNA database which will be referred to by police to aid investigations and solve crimes. If an object is marked with SelectaDNA the solution will glow bright blue when placed under UV light. Detecting a sample the size of a pinhead is enough to help police place a person at a crime or, in the case of stolen goods, be able to return them to the rightful owner.

Each domestic kit contains a bottle of solution to mark between 50 and 100 items, a UV light and a set of warning stickers with the message "You Steal, You're Marked!", which are placed in windows to let thieves know items in the house are protected by SelectaDNA.

Police encourage members of the public with any knowledge of those who are stealing or receiving stolen property to call Whanganui Police on (06) 349 0600. Alternatively, information can be provided anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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