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You steal, you’re marked!

Local Four Square owner Scott Miller has had enough. The Fairfield businessman has installed a SelectaDNA Spray system into his Heaphy Terrace store in a bid to stop shoplifters at the busiest time of year.

“Shoplifting is becoming a major problem,” says Miller, “Staff can’t be everywhere at once and often the offenders are out the door before we can stop them.”

The SelectaDNA Spray System uses a DNA laced mist to douse fleeing offenders as they exit the building. The technology irrefutably links the offender back to the crime scene and is designed to create a ‘No-Go Zone’ – deterring would be thieves or robbers from entering the premises in the first place.

Police across the country are able to identify the solution on a suspect simply by using their torches. To the naked eye the solution is invisible but when placed under UV Light the mist glows bright blue. It lasts on skin for up to two weeks, clothing for up to six months.

Using DNA analysis, Police are able to conclusively prove that the DNA gained from an offender’s person or clothing contains the unique DNA from the site, thereby providing proof that the offender was at the scene. In the UK the system has achieved a 100% conviction rate when used in court.

“We have a fairly good camera system installed and this new technology will add to that protection,” says Miller.

SelectaDNA Director Graham Zuill says that the system also has other benefits. “The system not only protects valuable stock, but it protects the safety of the store environment.”

Miller says, “This type of system is quite appealing to smaller stores, many would be interested in this type of system to ensure their staff and customers feel a lot safer.”

SelectaDNA Spray systems are used across the country at both the BNZ and The Warehouse.

The SelectaDNA technology also comes in a Property Marking Solution which was recently rolled out by Waikato Police into 600 homes in the Fairfield Area through the Operation Safe as Houses scheme.

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